Korean Comedy Movies in All of Genre

korean comedy movies

For the people who like to laugh, they may try to watch the best Korean comedy movies. The comedy movies from Korea perhaps can be one of the best comedy movies in the world. Comedy movies not only provide a funny scene that can make people laugh but also many meaningful lessons. Why? Since comedy movies in Korea mix the storyline with other genres. The storyline can show both of the funny scenes and other highly meaningful scenes. Sometimes they mix the comedy genres with the political genre. They also make a movie that is a combination of comedy and romance. The social phenomenon and friendship are also used to make comedy movies.

Generally, the plot of the comedy movies in Korea is starting with many funny scenes in the introduction part. These scenes feel so real so that the people can laugh so hard. Then, it comes to the problem introduction. The problems are starting to rise. However, the funny moments still become the highlight. Then, in the climax part, it will change to the dramatic scene. Some movies have a happy ending. However, the rest may have a tragic ending. And there are a lot of things that can be learned. That’s what makes comedy movies in Korean have higher-level quality than others. On the other hand, the actor and actress are also experts to transfer the storyline to be a real story. The audience will feel that the movies are real.


Korean comedy movies that are mixed by the action genres

As mentioned previously that the Korean comedy movies often mix the storyline with other genres such as action. Some movies have been successful to mix these genres and make it one of the best comedy movies in Korea. For example, the movie is entitled Secretly Greatly in 2003. The starring actors of this movie are Kim Soo-Hyun, Park Ki-Woong, and Lee Hyun-Woo. The storyline of this movie is about the spies of North Korean that live undercover in South Korea. The spies are camouflaged by becoming an idiot called Dong-gu. Meanwhile, the other spies pretend to be a rock musician and a student.

In the beginning, they can act as a South Korean citizen very well. In this part, the movies provide high-quality comedy movies. The audience tends to laugh so hard. However, the problems start to come out after the death of Kim Jong Un. Then, the spies are trying to survive from the conflict with the police and the Interpol of South Korea. In the end, Dong Gu as the main character is passed away. And, this film ended with a sadness-happiness. This kind of storyline is common to the comedy movies of Korea. They can mix and make an unexpected plot. But, that’s what makes comedy movies in Korea has higher quality than other countries. In addition, there are some life lessons that can be learned by the audience throughout the movie.


The movies that mixed by the romantic genres

The Korean comedy movies also often mix the storyline of the comedy with the romance genres. One of the best examples is 200 Ponds Beauty. The released year of this romantic comedy movie is 2006. This movie is an adaptation of Japanese Manga entitled Kanna’s Big Success. This movie tells about Hanna, who is a ghost singer, that desperately wants to be slim and do plastic surgery. The movies start with the scene where Kang Hanna is a ghost singer for Ammy who is a terrible singer. Ammy cannot sing at all and just use Hanna’s voice to get popularity.

Both of them are working in a recording company of Han Sang Jun’s father. Sang Jun is a music director of his father’s company. On the other hand, Hanna has a secret crush to Sang Jun. The problem starts to come out when Ammy teased Hanna on Sang Jun’s birthday when Hanna get hurt and decide to do plastic surgery and lose her weight. She lives with another identity that is Jenny.The storyline tells how Hanna can get some problems with Ammy, Sang Jun, her best friend, and her father. In the end, Hanna can confess to the public her story and her real identity. She also reunited with her best friend and her father. On the other hand, Ammy is being punished for lying about her singing ability. This movie mixes the comedy with a romantic sense perfectly.


Focus on the friendship theme

As mentioned previously that Korean comedy movies show the important theme with meaningful lessons. One of the themes that are often showed by the comedy movies of Korea is friendship. Some popular movies provide comedy movies with a friendship theme. One of them is Sunny. The released year of this movie is 2011. This movie can make the audience laugh and cry so hard. It’s a recommended film. This movie tells about a six girlfriend group called Sunny. The leader of the group is Im Na Mi. The problems start to come out when Im Na mi knows that one of the group members is died due to cancer in the hospital. Then, she wants to bring back her youth group in high school that is Sunny to be reunited.

These Korean comedy movies also show some history of Korea. This movie is based on the condition in the 1980’s. At that time, Korea conducted some changes in its democracy life. It’s key to Korea’s Democratization. This condition is also showed up in the movie. Based on some reviews, it can be concluded that Korea has its own way to make a good and inspirational comedy movies. They are not only making comedy movies with the meaningless lesson, but they make it as an inspirational movie. Many people will laugh and cry at the same time while watching comedy movies due to the great storyline and acting from the actors. These comedy movies are recommended to watch.

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