Best Running Man Episodes in 2019

best running man episodes

Running Man has been known as one of the most popular variety shows in South Korea. This entertaining television program, which was broadcasted for the first time in July 11th, 2010 by SBS, is so recommended for you especially when you want to spend your spare time in a fun way. This particular TV show will definitely excite you in the best way possible because you cannot miss its funny members, such as Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Yang Se Chan, HaHa, Jeon So Min, Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Sook, and Ji Seok Jin. Each of them seems to never run out of ideas to make you laugh through their silly acts. Yet, do you know what the best running man episodes in 2019 are? In case you really want to figure them out, it will be so much better for you to check them out below.

Not only that, it even invites popular guest stars in order to make the show so much more exciting to watch for sure. Based on this particular fact, it is actually no wonder that this variety show can survive in the industry for years. Even better, it has been attracting more and more fans across the countries because of their nice concepts, games, and even penalties. Aside of that, it can give you many surprises that you have never thought when you are watching this television show. So then, you will always want to watch every single episode of it again and again.


Best running man episodes #442: Playing the Traditional Games

One of the best running man episodes in 2019 that you cannot miss at all is the 442nd running man episode. This particular episode will show you the fun things that the members do while playing some traditional games with the popular three guest stars such as Han Da Geum, Hong Jin Young, and Kim Sae Rok. In the simple words, all of them were divided in to two different teams that had to conquer some missions and finda particular one who had been hiding in every round they had to go through. In this episode, you will find out that every single member of the teams really tried their best in order win the games for sure.

Well, the funny thing happened during the second round when they had to do an exceptional volleyball game. They had to use their legs instead of their hands every time they wanted to serve or pass the extra big sized ball. Furthermore, you would laugh even harder when Lee Kwang Soo could not serve the ball successfully. Aside of that, the bad luck of Kwang Soo continued when he was not able to catch the ball passed by the opponents and tried to return the ball as it hit his belly instead. This kind of thing really made all the people on the set burst in to the loud laughter. Based on this fact, it is the main reason why this episode is so much recommended for you to watch on your weekend.


Episodes #447: The BTS’ IDOL Dance Challenge

Moreover, the next best running man episodes in 2019 that you have to watch is the 447th episode. In this specific episode was actually the second part of the previous episode where all of the members of the show celebrated the birthday of Jeon So Min. Then, after enjoying tasty food at the restaurant and letting So Min dance with Kim Ji Suk as a couple, they actually got a mission of finding her location as soon as possible. Yet, there was a special thing that you have to do in order to figure out where the location of So Min was, which all of the members had to accept the BTS’ IDOL Dance Challenge.

So then, all of them went to a dance studio and let the professional dancers help them to accomplish the mission nicely. However, it was never as easy as it seemed because most of the members do not really knew how to dance well. So, do not ever be surprised if you find their moves look so witty. Even, you will see that the moves Kwang Soo made really reminded you of Choi Hong Man’s move from the horror movie. Besides, there were also some mistakes done by the members, which could make you laugh out loud. Thus, it is so clear that you cannot skip this best running man episodes of the variety show especially if you are really curious whether they could cover the dance excellently or not, and then find So Min to finish the mission magnificently in the end.


Episodes #449: Who Spends the Least Money?

The last but not least, there is the 449th Running Man episode to watch in your leisure time. This episode, which can be a defined as one of the best running man episodes, will really entertain you when the members got the challenging mission. In the simple words, the members and guest stars (Kyung Nam and Esom) would get $100,000 that they had to use as carefully as possible so that they could save much money still. Then, the game started when all of them get in to a container one by one in order to prepare themselves as well as possible. The funny thing about it was that they had to leave all of their private things and wear the uniforms provided before.

Afterward, they had to struggle in that room for about 9 hours, and they could use the phone inside if they wanted to buy something. It was actually so interesting because they competed to have the least expense and win the game splendidly. So, are you so curious who won the game? If you are, it will be a great idea for you to check this awesome episode so that you can have the more fun and exciting free time you will definitely love so much.

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