Watching the Best Movies on Netflix

best movies on Netflix

Movies can be an alternative way to refresh the mind after doing the works for a whole day. Nowadays, people no need to go to a theatre or cinema to watch a movie. They can watch it directly from their homes. One of the ways is by using Netflix. There are several movies that have been recommended to watch on Netflix. It provides several types of genres such as action, horror, family, thriller, and romantic. All of the movie genres are available on Netflix. So, the movies are family-friendly. However, selecting the best movies on Netflix is not an easy thing to do sometimes. Since there are a lot of options regarding the types of the movie.

Therefore, a list that contains the best movie which can be watched on Netflix is important. Well, the criteria for the best movie is not only depending on the popularity of the movie. Even though, it is often that the movie with high popularity has high-quality. Another criterion is the plot of the storyline. A boring storyline is not good for a movie. On the other hand, a p storyline with an unexpected plot can be an interesting movie. In addition, the natural acting of the actor also plays an important role. A good actor can make the audience see the real-life not a movie life. On the other hand, the video effect of the movie is also important, especially for the action and fantasy movie. Here’s the list of the best movies on Netflix.


The best movie with a family theme

Well, the family theme is a light theme of the best movies on Netflix. It can be watched together with all of family members. There are many lessons that can be learned from this movie theme. One of the themes is Marriage Story. The director of this movie is Noah Baumbach. The starring actors of this movie are Adam Driver as Charlie Barber, Nicole’s husband and Scarlett Johansson as Nicole Barber, Charlie’s wife. Charlie is a successful theatre director in New York. Meanwhile, Charlie’s Wife, Nicole works as a star in his theatre. The story began when both of them go to a mediator. In there, they need to write and read about the like and dislike things of their partners. But, in the end, Nicole is too embarrassed to read hers.

Therefore, they decide to cancel it. Then, the plot tells that they will conduct a divorce. After several things happen, they realize that a divorce is just like walking with the dead body while they still love each other. In the end, they reunite again once more. It’s a simple story but contains a meaningful lesson. Communication and lowering ego are important in a marriage. The actors can portrait their character very well. Therefore, it’s not a surprising thing that this movie is one of the best movies that can be watched on Netflix. The family needs to watch to understand that marriage is sacred and important.


Best movies on Netflix with an action theme

The action theme is probably the most popular theme of the best movies on Netflix. The action theme can increase the adrenaline of the people. And, generally, the plot of the action movie’s storyline is unpredictable. That’s what makes people love to watch an action movie. They cannot guess what will happen next. The scene and the acting of starring actors are also great. One of the best movies with the action theme is The Irishman. The director and the writer of this movie are Martin Scorsese and Steven Zaillian. The released year of this movie is 2019.

Meanwhile, the starring actors of this film are Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran, Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa, Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino, and Ray Romano as Bill Bufalino. This movie tells about Frank Sheeran who is a truck driver becomes a mafia hitman. He has involved some problems with the Russel Bufallino who is Mobster. The family of Russel Bufallino is also involved in the crime. This movie also tells a story about how Frank Sheeran is working with a great team from Jimmy Hoffa. This movie combines the action and storyline in the perfect story. The people will not feel boring when they watch this movie. So, it’s a deserved thing to be included in the best movies that can be watched on Netflix.


The movie with a science fiction theme

Well, a science fiction movie is a movie that combines the imagination and the scientific knowledge of its storyline. Some of the science fiction movies have a great plot with a rational scientific phenomenon. Therefore, this theme can be included in the best movies on Netflix. Well, science fiction often offers a great storyline and cool scene that are supported by high-technology of film editing. One of the best movies with science fiction is The Matrix. This film is first aired in 1999. And due to its greatness of cinematography, and visual effect, this film is praised as one of the best science fiction movies.

The second series of the matrix is released in 2012. Up until now, this movie is still entertaining. The director of this movie is Wachowskis. He is also a writer of the Matrix. This movie tells about the intelligent machines that make the matrix, a simulated reality which traps the human. The matrix will use human bodies as an energy source. Thomas Anderson, a hacker, is known as Neo can uncover the truth of the matrix. He tries everything in order to free the human inside the matrix. He works together with the people who have been freed of the matrix. Regarding this storyline and cinematography of this movie, it deserves as one of the best movies for science fiction movies. The storyline is not the usual plot. In addition, this movie also can increase the curiosity and adrenaline of the people. This movie is recommended to watch on Netflix.

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