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best Korean Drama on Netflix

If you are a customer of Netflix, you may familiar with the program of Netflix. One of the most popular programs on Netflix is K-Drama. For the customer who doesn’t watch K-Drama, they may don’t know what it is. Well, K-Drama is the popular name of Korean Drama. It has been well known as the best drama in the world. Many people in many countries are watching K-Drama on some commercial and cable television. And, definitely, Netflix also offers some serial of K-Drama to amuse the people. You may wonder what the reasons for the popularity of K-Drama are. Well, K-Drama can be popular all around the world due to the unexpected theme and storyline. They can provide drama from many background stories. Watching the best Korean Drama on Netflix can be one of the refreshments ways for some people.

For example, a story about the old-time of Korea, the time collide between old and modern Korea, police and prosecutors and others. They also offer an unexpected storyline and ending. Some of them have a happy ending. But the rest may have another tragic and sad ending. Another factor is the popularity and the quality of the actor. As you probably know that Korea has made a move that is called the Korean Wave. It makes the people around the world can recognize the actor in Korea. And, of course, it is also supported by the quality of the acting. There are a lot of genres that have been provided by Netflix. Here the list.


Best Korean Drama on Netflix – Romantic Genre

As mentioned previously that Korean Drama on Netflix provides several genres. One of the most famous genres on Netflix is a romantic drama. One of the examples of romantic K-Drama that can be watched on Netflix is Romance is a Bonus Book. The released year of this book is 2019. The starring actors of this drama are Lee Jong Suk as Cha Eun Hoo and Lee Na Young as Kang Dan Yi. Cha EunHoo is known as the chief director of the publishing company. He is a smart, humble, warm heart, and handsome person. A typical perfect guy on K-Drama. Then, she hired Kang Dan Yi as the copywriter. Kang Dan Yi is used to a great copywriter with an excellent educational background and impressive career.

However, due to some reasons she is broken and unemployed. Desperately, to get a new job, she lies about her background and starts working on Cha EunHoo’s company. As time goes on, both of them are developing a romantic feeling. Well, the general storyline may be a simple drama. But, the acting and the editing quality of the drama can make this drama as one of the best K-Drama that can be watched on Netflix. In addition, starring actors are also famous. That’s what makes most of K-Drama can be a successful drama on Netflix. Watching this drama on Netflix cannot be a useless thing.


The Historical-Romance Drama of Korea

Well, Korean Drama on Netflix not only provides the drama with the background of the modern time but also choose to show a drama with a historical background. People may think that K-Drama with the historical background is boring. However, Netflix chooses an interesting historical K-Drama that can be enjoyed by the audience. One of the most recent drama with the historical background is Rookie Historian Goo HaeRyung. The released year of this drama is 2019. The setting of this drama is in the early 1900s. This drama tells about a rookie historian whose name is Go HaeRyung. She is working in the palace as a female historian.

At that time, females are underestimated and need to follow the strict rule about females and males in the palace. As time goes on, HaeRyung plans an important role as a historian to discover the crime from 20 years ago. She can discover that her father is being falsely excused. On the other hand, she also has a romantic relationship with Prince Lee Yi Rim who is a son of the dethroned King. Together, they can cover the truth and set justice in the palace. Some of the K-Drama that can be watched on Netflix provides a similar storyline with some different details. However, the theme for each historical drama can be different for each drama. Netflix chooses the drama that can be watched by family. There are many lessons that can be learned from this drama.


The Fantasy Drama on Netflix

The K-Drama on Netflix also provides a fantasy drama that can be chosen as an alternative drama genre. The fantasy drama of Korea often tells about something unique and cannot be imagined. They ever make a story about an alien, a ghost hunter, and even a character comic that can be a human. One of them is A Korean Odyssey. The released year of this drama is 2017. The starring actors of this drama are Lee SeungGi as Son Oh Gong and Oh YeonSeo as JinSeon Mi. One of the fantasy parts of this drama is that in the modern-day, there is the Monkey Kingdom. Son Oh Gong is a Monkey King who is exiled to the human world since he did the corruption in his kingdom. To gain his power and status, he needs to devour a special woman. That woman is JinSeon Mi. She can see the spirits.

After that, they are fighting the spirit to remove all of the curses together. This is one of the examplesof fantasy K-Drama on Netflix. The storyline may seem unreasonable. However, since the production team is experts, they can make it be a real story in the real world. K-drama has been famous to make such an unpredictable background and storyline. That’s what makes them can conquer the drama world with their drama including on Netflix. Well, in the end, you get several options to watch K-Drama by using Netflix.

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