Best Knowing Brother Episodes of 2019

Do you look for the funny and entertaining television program to enjoy on your weekend? If you do, it is actually so much recommended for you to watch the best knowing brother episodes of 2019. One of the reasons why you have to watch this variety show is because it will show you the notable humors that can boost your mood so well. Aside of that, you can also the comical actions of Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, Kim HeeChul, Kim Young Cheol,  Seo Jang Hoon, Lee Sang Min, and Ming Kyung Hoon for sure. Each of them will surprise you with the jokes and chatters that you like so much somehow. Furthermore, the best thing about this show is that it commonly invite the different guest stars, who can be popular idols, actors, or entertainers, to make the show so much more interesting.

All of them will commonly start the show by asking anything they want to know, or they will try to guess the different side of the guest stars. In the other words, the members of the show will really help you to find out more info about the popular guest who you might adore so much. In addition to this, you cannot forget about some remarkable games that will amuse you in the fun way. Well, all of those things will never make you regret watching this show in your spare time. Fortunately, below are some of the best knowing brother episodes of 2019 that you cannot miss at all. So, let’s check them out.


Best Knowing Brother Episodes of 2019: Episode 180

One of the best knowing brother episodes of 2019 that is so much recommended for you to watch in your free time is the 180th of the show. There were Im Yoona and Jo Jung Suk, who also known so well as two amazing popular actors, came to the classroom. They actually came to the show in order to promote their latest movie called “EXIT” to the people. Then, both of the actors also told everyone about the interesting experiences that had got when they were on the set, which can be ranging from the bloopers to the habits that they did on the location.

Additionally, she also made the members guess some answers based on some exceptional clues that could make them burst in laughter somehow. Even better, Jung Suk showed his excellent acting ability as well even though he seemed a little bit shy at the beginning. Moreover, he could amazed all of the members when he performed a cook breakdance moves. In the other hand, Yoona had stolen the attention of the people as well when she could defeat Jang Hoon in a bottle throwing game. Thus, all of those fun things had made it one of the most pleasing episodes to watch. In the simple words, it is so obvious that it will never be something you regret when you enjoy this television program in order to complete your weekend in the most perfect way.


Episode #200

Next, another knowing brother episodes that you cannot skip is the 200th episode which is the part of the special celebration of the show. In this cool episode Super Junior finally could come to the classroom with the complete members such as Choi Si Won, Leeteuk, Lee Donghae, Shindong Yesung, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and Kim Heechul (also the member of the show), which was something that never happened before. So, it must make you feel so happy especially if you are a big fan of the boy group. Furthermore, the nice thing about this episode is that they told the long story of their career which can be like how they started their debut, how they face the hard times, and so many more.

All of the things they have been through really makes them get the fabulous achievements and survive in the industry greatly. Besides, they also tried to guess the title of popular songs and movies. The awesome thing about it is that all of the members of Super Junior and Knowing Brothers acted so hilarious just like they always do all this time. So, you have to really ensure that you never forget to watch this episode mainly if you need to cheer yourself up.Thus, in the end of the day, you will be able to make your leisure time become so different and enjoyable once you have enjoyed this variety show.


Episode #207

The last but not least, there is the 207thknowing brother episodes that you better enjoy when you want to get nice comedy to brighten your weekend. In this specific episode, there was Park Jin Young (JYP), who is also known well as the CEO of JYP entertainment, would came to the classroom with Nayeon and Dahyun of Twice after appearing with GOT7 on the previous episode of the show. In the beginning of the show, it will show you the latest song of Kim Young Cheol that will compete with Park Jin Young’s song on the chart. They talked about how the competition would be and which one got the better achievements. Not only that, JYP and the girls would show you some cool moves that could attract your attention so much as they did it alongside the music perfectly.

Then, one of the most hilarious moment was when the guests tried to play the whispering game where they had to guess some words or phrases based on the clued from someone else while wearing the headphones alternately. In this part of the show, JYP kept catching the unnecessary clues from Dahyun even after she yelled quite loud and get pissed off. Yet, he had no problem at all when playing the game with Nayeon as he got know the game better than before. Simply, all of the moments in this episode will definitely make you laugh so out loud because of the silly things done by the members and the guests as well. So, it will always a very brilliant idea to watch this episode again mainly if you are looking for the best entertainment of 2019.

Best Running Man Episodes in 2019

Running Man has been known as one of the most popular variety shows in South Korea. This entertaining television program, which was broadcasted for the first time in July 11th, 2010 by SBS, is so recommended for you especially when you want to spend your spare time in a fun way. This particular TV show will definitely excite you in the best way possible because you cannot miss its funny members, such as Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Yang Se Chan, HaHa, Jeon So Min, Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Sook, and Ji Seok Jin. Each of them seems to never run out of ideas to make you laugh through their silly acts. Yet, do you know what the best running man episodes in 2019 are? In case you really want to figure them out, it will be so much better for you to check them out below.

Not only that, it even invites popular guest stars in order to make the show so much more exciting to watch for sure. Based on this particular fact, it is actually no wonder that this variety show can survive in the industry for years. Even better, it has been attracting more and more fans across the countries because of their nice concepts, games, and even penalties. Aside of that, it can give you many surprises that you have never thought when you are watching this television show. So then, you will always want to watch every single episode of it again and again.


Best running man episodes #442: Playing the Traditional Games

One of the best running man episodes in 2019 that you cannot miss at all is the 442nd running man episode. This particular episode will show you the fun things that the members do while playing some traditional games with the popular three guest stars such as Han Da Geum, Hong Jin Young, and Kim Sae Rok. In the simple words, all of them were divided in to two different teams that had to conquer some missions and finda particular one who had been hiding in every round they had to go through. In this episode, you will find out that every single member of the teams really tried their best in order win the games for sure.

Well, the funny thing happened during the second round when they had to do an exceptional volleyball game. They had to use their legs instead of their hands every time they wanted to serve or pass the extra big sized ball. Furthermore, you would laugh even harder when Lee Kwang Soo could not serve the ball successfully. Aside of that, the bad luck of Kwang Soo continued when he was not able to catch the ball passed by the opponents and tried to return the ball as it hit his belly instead. This kind of thing really made all the people on the set burst in to the loud laughter. Based on this fact, it is the main reason why this episode is so much recommended for you to watch on your weekend.


Episodes #447: The BTS’ IDOL Dance Challenge

Moreover, the next best running man episodes in 2019 that you have to watch is the 447th episode. In this specific episode was actually the second part of the previous episode where all of the members of the show celebrated the birthday of Jeon So Min. Then, after enjoying tasty food at the restaurant and letting So Min dance with Kim Ji Suk as a couple, they actually got a mission of finding her location as soon as possible. Yet, there was a special thing that you have to do in order to figure out where the location of So Min was, which all of the members had to accept the BTS’ IDOL Dance Challenge.

So then, all of them went to a dance studio and let the professional dancers help them to accomplish the mission nicely. However, it was never as easy as it seemed because most of the members do not really knew how to dance well. So, do not ever be surprised if you find their moves look so witty. Even, you will see that the moves Kwang Soo made really reminded you of Choi Hong Man’s move from the horror movie. Besides, there were also some mistakes done by the members, which could make you laugh out loud. Thus, it is so clear that you cannot skip this best running man episodes of the variety show especially if you are really curious whether they could cover the dance excellently or not, and then find So Min to finish the mission magnificently in the end.


Episodes #449: Who Spends the Least Money?

The last but not least, there is the 449th Running Man episode to watch in your leisure time. This episode, which can be a defined as one of the best running man episodes, will really entertain you when the members got the challenging mission. In the simple words, the members and guest stars (Kyung Nam and Esom) would get $100,000 that they had to use as carefully as possible so that they could save much money still. Then, the game started when all of them get in to a container one by one in order to prepare themselves as well as possible. The funny thing about it was that they had to leave all of their private things and wear the uniforms provided before.

Afterward, they had to struggle in that room for about 9 hours, and they could use the phone inside if they wanted to buy something. It was actually so interesting because they competed to have the least expense and win the game splendidly. So, are you so curious who won the game? If you are, it will be a great idea for you to check this awesome episode so that you can have the more fun and exciting free time you will definitely love so much.

Watching the Best Movies on Netflix

Movies can be an alternative way to refresh the mind after doing the works for a whole day. Nowadays, people no need to go to a theatre or cinema to watch a movie. They can watch it directly from their homes. One of the ways is by using Netflix. There are several movies that have been recommended to watch on Netflix. It provides several types of genres such as action, horror, family, thriller, and romantic. All of the movie genres are available on Netflix. So, the movies are family-friendly. However, selecting the best movies on Netflix is not an easy thing to do sometimes. Since there are a lot of options regarding the types of the movie.

Therefore, a list that contains the best movie which can be watched on Netflix is important. Well, the criteria for the best movie is not only depending on the popularity of the movie. Even though, it is often that the movie with high popularity has high-quality. Another criterion is the plot of the storyline. A boring storyline is not good for a movie. On the other hand, a p storyline with an unexpected plot can be an interesting movie. In addition, the natural acting of the actor also plays an important role. A good actor can make the audience see the real-life not a movie life. On the other hand, the video effect of the movie is also important, especially for the action and fantasy movie. Here’s the list of the best movies on Netflix.


The best movie with a family theme

Well, the family theme is a light theme of the best movies on Netflix. It can be watched together with all of family members. There are many lessons that can be learned from this movie theme. One of the themes is Marriage Story. The director of this movie is Noah Baumbach. The starring actors of this movie are Adam Driver as Charlie Barber, Nicole’s husband and Scarlett Johansson as Nicole Barber, Charlie’s wife. Charlie is a successful theatre director in New York. Meanwhile, Charlie’s Wife, Nicole works as a star in his theatre. The story began when both of them go to a mediator. In there, they need to write and read about the like and dislike things of their partners. But, in the end, Nicole is too embarrassed to read hers.

Therefore, they decide to cancel it. Then, the plot tells that they will conduct a divorce. After several things happen, they realize that a divorce is just like walking with the dead body while they still love each other. In the end, they reunite again once more. It’s a simple story but contains a meaningful lesson. Communication and lowering ego are important in a marriage. The actors can portrait their character very well. Therefore, it’s not a surprising thing that this movie is one of the best movies that can be watched on Netflix. The family needs to watch to understand that marriage is sacred and important.


Best movies on Netflix with an action theme

The action theme is probably the most popular theme of the best movies on Netflix. The action theme can increase the adrenaline of the people. And, generally, the plot of the action movie’s storyline is unpredictable. That’s what makes people love to watch an action movie. They cannot guess what will happen next. The scene and the acting of starring actors are also great. One of the best movies with the action theme is The Irishman. The director and the writer of this movie are Martin Scorsese and Steven Zaillian. The released year of this movie is 2019.

Meanwhile, the starring actors of this film are Robert De Niro as Frank Sheeran, Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa, Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino, and Ray Romano as Bill Bufalino. This movie tells about Frank Sheeran who is a truck driver becomes a mafia hitman. He has involved some problems with the Russel Bufallino who is Mobster. The family of Russel Bufallino is also involved in the crime. This movie also tells a story about how Frank Sheeran is working with a great team from Jimmy Hoffa. This movie combines the action and storyline in the perfect story. The people will not feel boring when they watch this movie. So, it’s a deserved thing to be included in the best movies that can be watched on Netflix.


The movie with a science fiction theme

Well, a science fiction movie is a movie that combines the imagination and the scientific knowledge of its storyline. Some of the science fiction movies have a great plot with a rational scientific phenomenon. Therefore, this theme can be included in the best movies on Netflix. Well, science fiction often offers a great storyline and cool scene that are supported by high-technology of film editing. One of the best movies with science fiction is The Matrix. This film is first aired in 1999. And due to its greatness of cinematography, and visual effect, this film is praised as one of the best science fiction movies.

The second series of the matrix is released in 2012. Up until now, this movie is still entertaining. The director of this movie is Wachowskis. He is also a writer of the Matrix. This movie tells about the intelligent machines that make the matrix, a simulated reality which traps the human. The matrix will use human bodies as an energy source. Thomas Anderson, a hacker, is known as Neo can uncover the truth of the matrix. He tries everything in order to free the human inside the matrix. He works together with the people who have been freed of the matrix. Regarding this storyline and cinematography of this movie, it deserves as one of the best movies for science fiction movies. The storyline is not the usual plot. In addition, this movie also can increase the curiosity and adrenaline of the people. This movie is recommended to watch on Netflix.

Best Korean Drama on Netflix – Watching Time

If you are a customer of Netflix, you may familiar with the program of Netflix. One of the most popular programs on Netflix is K-Drama. For the customer who doesn’t watch K-Drama, they may don’t know what it is. Well, K-Drama is the popular name of Korean Drama. It has been well known as the best drama in the world. Many people in many countries are watching K-Drama on some commercial and cable television. And, definitely, Netflix also offers some serial of K-Drama to amuse the people. You may wonder what the reasons for the popularity of K-Drama are. Well, K-Drama can be popular all around the world due to the unexpected theme and storyline. They can provide drama from many background stories. Watching the best Korean Drama on Netflix can be one of the refreshments ways for some people.

For example, a story about the old-time of Korea, the time collide between old and modern Korea, police and prosecutors and others. They also offer an unexpected storyline and ending. Some of them have a happy ending. But the rest may have another tragic and sad ending. Another factor is the popularity and the quality of the actor. As you probably know that Korea has made a move that is called the Korean Wave. It makes the people around the world can recognize the actor in Korea. And, of course, it is also supported by the quality of the acting. There are a lot of genres that have been provided by Netflix. Here the list.


Best Korean Drama on Netflix – Romantic Genre

As mentioned previously that Korean Drama on Netflix provides several genres. One of the most famous genres on Netflix is a romantic drama. One of the examples of romantic K-Drama that can be watched on Netflix is Romance is a Bonus Book. The released year of this book is 2019. The starring actors of this drama are Lee Jong Suk as Cha Eun Hoo and Lee Na Young as Kang Dan Yi. Cha EunHoo is known as the chief director of the publishing company. He is a smart, humble, warm heart, and handsome person. A typical perfect guy on K-Drama. Then, she hired Kang Dan Yi as the copywriter. Kang Dan Yi is used to a great copywriter with an excellent educational background and impressive career.

However, due to some reasons she is broken and unemployed. Desperately, to get a new job, she lies about her background and starts working on Cha EunHoo’s company. As time goes on, both of them are developing a romantic feeling. Well, the general storyline may be a simple drama. But, the acting and the editing quality of the drama can make this drama as one of the best K-Drama that can be watched on Netflix. In addition, starring actors are also famous. That’s what makes most of K-Drama can be a successful drama on Netflix. Watching this drama on Netflix cannot be a useless thing.


The Historical-Romance Drama of Korea

Well, Korean Drama on Netflix not only provides the drama with the background of the modern time but also choose to show a drama with a historical background. People may think that K-Drama with the historical background is boring. However, Netflix chooses an interesting historical K-Drama that can be enjoyed by the audience. One of the most recent drama with the historical background is Rookie Historian Goo HaeRyung. The released year of this drama is 2019. The setting of this drama is in the early 1900s. This drama tells about a rookie historian whose name is Go HaeRyung. She is working in the palace as a female historian.

At that time, females are underestimated and need to follow the strict rule about females and males in the palace. As time goes on, HaeRyung plans an important role as a historian to discover the crime from 20 years ago. She can discover that her father is being falsely excused. On the other hand, she also has a romantic relationship with Prince Lee Yi Rim who is a son of the dethroned King. Together, they can cover the truth and set justice in the palace. Some of the K-Drama that can be watched on Netflix provides a similar storyline with some different details. However, the theme for each historical drama can be different for each drama. Netflix chooses the drama that can be watched by family. There are many lessons that can be learned from this drama.


The Fantasy Drama on Netflix

The K-Drama on Netflix also provides a fantasy drama that can be chosen as an alternative drama genre. The fantasy drama of Korea often tells about something unique and cannot be imagined. They ever make a story about an alien, a ghost hunter, and even a character comic that can be a human. One of them is A Korean Odyssey. The released year of this drama is 2017. The starring actors of this drama are Lee SeungGi as Son Oh Gong and Oh YeonSeo as JinSeon Mi. One of the fantasy parts of this drama is that in the modern-day, there is the Monkey Kingdom. Son Oh Gong is a Monkey King who is exiled to the human world since he did the corruption in his kingdom. To gain his power and status, he needs to devour a special woman. That woman is JinSeon Mi. She can see the spirits.

After that, they are fighting the spirit to remove all of the curses together. This is one of the examplesof fantasy K-Drama on Netflix. The storyline may seem unreasonable. However, since the production team is experts, they can make it be a real story in the real world. K-drama has been famous to make such an unpredictable background and storyline. That’s what makes them can conquer the drama world with their drama including on Netflix. Well, in the end, you get several options to watch K-Drama by using Netflix.

Korean Comedy Movies in All of Genre

For the people who like to laugh, they may try to watch the best Korean comedy movies. The comedy movies from Korea perhaps can be one of the best comedy movies in the world. Comedy movies not only provide a funny scene that can make people laugh but also many meaningful lessons. Why? Since comedy movies in Korea mix the storyline with other genres. The storyline can show both of the funny scenes and other highly meaningful scenes. Sometimes they mix the comedy genres with the political genre. They also make a movie that is a combination of comedy and romance. The social phenomenon and friendship are also used to make comedy movies.

Generally, the plot of the comedy movies in Korea is starting with many funny scenes in the introduction part. These scenes feel so real so that the people can laugh so hard. Then, it comes to the problem introduction. The problems are starting to rise. However, the funny moments still become the highlight. Then, in the climax part, it will change to the dramatic scene. Some movies have a happy ending. However, the rest may have a tragic ending. And there are a lot of things that can be learned. That’s what makes comedy movies in Korean have higher-level quality than others. On the other hand, the actor and actress are also experts to transfer the storyline to be a real story. The audience will feel that the movies are real.


Korean comedy movies that are mixed by the action genres

As mentioned previously that the Korean comedy movies often mix the storyline with other genres such as action. Some movies have been successful to mix these genres and make it one of the best comedy movies in Korea. For example, the movie is entitled Secretly Greatly in 2003. The starring actors of this movie are Kim Soo-Hyun, Park Ki-Woong, and Lee Hyun-Woo. The storyline of this movie is about the spies of North Korean that live undercover in South Korea. The spies are camouflaged by becoming an idiot called Dong-gu. Meanwhile, the other spies pretend to be a rock musician and a student.

In the beginning, they can act as a South Korean citizen very well. In this part, the movies provide high-quality comedy movies. The audience tends to laugh so hard. However, the problems start to come out after the death of Kim Jong Un. Then, the spies are trying to survive from the conflict with the police and the Interpol of South Korea. In the end, Dong Gu as the main character is passed away. And, this film ended with a sadness-happiness. This kind of storyline is common to the comedy movies of Korea. They can mix and make an unexpected plot. But, that’s what makes comedy movies in Korea has higher quality than other countries. In addition, there are some life lessons that can be learned by the audience throughout the movie.


The movies that mixed by the romantic genres

The Korean comedy movies also often mix the storyline of the comedy with the romance genres. One of the best examples is 200 Ponds Beauty. The released year of this romantic comedy movie is 2006. This movie is an adaptation of Japanese Manga entitled Kanna’s Big Success. This movie tells about Hanna, who is a ghost singer, that desperately wants to be slim and do plastic surgery. The movies start with the scene where Kang Hanna is a ghost singer for Ammy who is a terrible singer. Ammy cannot sing at all and just use Hanna’s voice to get popularity.

Both of them are working in a recording company of Han Sang Jun’s father. Sang Jun is a music director of his father’s company. On the other hand, Hanna has a secret crush to Sang Jun. The problem starts to come out when Ammy teased Hanna on Sang Jun’s birthday when Hanna get hurt and decide to do plastic surgery and lose her weight. She lives with another identity that is Jenny.The storyline tells how Hanna can get some problems with Ammy, Sang Jun, her best friend, and her father. In the end, Hanna can confess to the public her story and her real identity. She also reunited with her best friend and her father. On the other hand, Ammy is being punished for lying about her singing ability. This movie mixes the comedy with a romantic sense perfectly.


Focus on the friendship theme

As mentioned previously that Korean comedy movies show the important theme with meaningful lessons. One of the themes that are often showed by the comedy movies of Korea is friendship. Some popular movies provide comedy movies with a friendship theme. One of them is Sunny. The released year of this movie is 2011. This movie can make the audience laugh and cry so hard. It’s a recommended film. This movie tells about a six girlfriend group called Sunny. The leader of the group is Im Na Mi. The problems start to come out when Im Na mi knows that one of the group members is died due to cancer in the hospital. Then, she wants to bring back her youth group in high school that is Sunny to be reunited.

These Korean comedy movies also show some history of Korea. This movie is based on the condition in the 1980’s. At that time, Korea conducted some changes in its democracy life. It’s key to Korea’s Democratization. This condition is also showed up in the movie. Based on some reviews, it can be concluded that Korea has its own way to make a good and inspirational comedy movies. They are not only making comedy movies with the meaningless lesson, but they make it as an inspirational movie. Many people will laugh and cry at the same time while watching comedy movies due to the great storyline and acting from the actors. These comedy movies are recommended to watch.